The Two Most Important Words In Your Marriage

The Two most Important Words In Your Marriage

Finding your “yes” and “no” Here are steps to help you identify and articulate your “yes” and “no”:

**1. Reflect on Your Values:** – Consider what matters most to you in various aspects of life, such as work, relationships, personal development, and well-being. – Identify your core values, the principles that guide your decisions and actions.

**2. Clarify Your Priorities:** – Determine your short-term and long-term priorities. What goals or commitments are most important to you right now? – Understand the impact of your choices on your overall well-being and the achievement of your goals.

**3. Assess Your Capacity:** – Be realistic about your time, energy, and resources. Understand your current capacity to take on new commitments or responsibilities. – Consider your current workload, personal obligations, and any potential stressors.

**4. Set Clear Boundaries:** – Establish clear boundaries for yourself in various areas of your life. What are you comfortable with, and what crosses the line? – Communicate your boundaries to others to ensure they are respected.


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