Marriage Talk EXTRA – Time To Reconnect – Ep 84 Notes

Marriage Talk Podcast Episode 84 focuses on “The Reconnecting Phase”  Here, you’ll find additional written insights from Terry Lodico of Covenant Counseling in Midland, MI

You may also download the free PDF file (with footnotes) by CLICKING HERE.

  1. Reconnecting Phase: This phase is the rebuilding phase. The following are ways to rebuild oneness:
    1. Enjoy Life Together: Take time to have fun and enjoy life together.
    2. Enjoy each Other: Learn skills to communicate and connect.  Become one in mind and heart with one another’s needs and desires, being best friends.
    3. Learn to Love: It takes dedication and commitment to care for each other. Guard the atmosphere of your home to be a “haven of rest,” a loving place so each of you can unwind and recharge from the battles of life. Learn to be there for each other.
    4. Grow Spiritually Together: Make Jesus Christ the foundation of your marriage, drawing on His Spirit to love each other in a greater way as you also serve God together.
    5. Plan a Survival and Dream Plan: A married couple has more relaxed freedom to enjoy each other when there is a plan to meet needs, improve security and fulfill dreams.
    6. Revitalize Sexual Desire: Couples may need to revitalize sexual desire for each other. They also may need to retrain their sexual response to each other by emotional connection rather than by visual seduction. Love makes eroticism a sexual expression of love. Seduction by itself can be impersonal and thus “turn off” an offended spouse who is trying to feel safe again with sex. A way to do this is by starting out enjoying the comfort of touch as a primary goal with no intercourse for a period of days until enjoying each other’s body’s resonates with feelings of love for each other.