Marriage Talk EXTRA – Time To CELEBRATE! – Ep 85 Notes

Marriage Talk Podcast Episode 85 focuses on “Time To Celebrate!”  Here, you’ll find additional written insights from Terry Lodico of Covenant Counseling in Midland, MI

You may also download the free PDF file (with footnotes) by CLICKING HERE

  1. Celebrate Growth:
    1. Share things you have learned about yourself and your spouse.
    2. Share with your spouse your new attitude, commitments and behavioral changes you have made concerning yourself, toward your spouse, lifestyle and marriage.
  2. Re-commit by Renewing Vows: Betrayal creates insecurity of trust so emotionally deep, the offended spouse may feel it for years. When a couple renews their vows, inner feelings gain strength by corresponding physical expressed behavior. The written and verbalized commitment gives potency to trust and security.

Grow in Wisdom: Continue to seek wisdom, invest in understanding and put into practice the principles of life you’ve learned for success. Spending too much time with amusement or lustful endeavors robs you of opportunities for growth in your marriage.  Wisdom is the “path of life” for marriage success resulting in joy and partner celebration.