Marriage Dr – Ep.13 – Does Pornography Impact Marriage?

The Marriage Doctor Podcast EPISODE 13 is titled “Does Pornography Impact Marriage?” and examines key messages our highly sexualized culture is sending to married couples, and how those messages can warp/ruin true intimacy.

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2 Comments on “Marriage Dr – Ep.13 – Does Pornography Impact Marriage?”

  1. I am in a second marriage and I’m doing this one in an entirely different way. I’ve given everything over completely to God (as well as my wife) and the marriage has grown exponentially. We’ve seen growth in our blended family, our relationship with our kids, our roles as mother and father, finances but most importantly our dedication to being a God loving, servant hearted husband and wife. Without wanting and actively serving your spouse, a marriage will never truly be what God desires. However when you do, it is the storybook, the forever after, the movie sex, the way the Bible describes. Encourage your listeners to step out of this selfish society, go against the norm and be the spouse they would desire. It truly is an amazing experience and one I never thought could be, but made up or dreamed.

    Part of my daily routine involves reading our listening to encouraging messages or devotionals. I came across your pod cast from the One Thing Podcast and appreciate all the helpful words and messages you guys share.

    On a side note, and because I can listen back to back, It seems Episodes 12 and 13 end exactly the same. Not that it matters, just something I picked up.

    Thank you again for all the hard work and for making our (Jenna and I’s) marriage stronger everyday!

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